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June 14, 2022

giveitaspin.gr x Conversas Thessaloniki

giveitaspin.gr x Conversas Thessaloniki

Last week I was waving my hands (as always) and blabbing passionately at Conversas Thessaloniki about female empowerment in the music (and any other) industry. It is funny how my bedroom blogging, after 14 years, has had such an impact on me & around me. I am so proud of the diverse giveitaspin.gr team, our Keychange pledge, our cultural writings & our ethics to change this world one track at a time. Please delete your fears & speak up – it is encouraging how we all have the same things on our minds. We create the change we want to see…

Thanks, PHĒNOmeno _mates, and all that came by.xoxo

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